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We stock a massive range of outdoor toys and games. From Traditional Childrens games for schools, Sack Race, Egg and Spoon and Giant Snakes and Ladders, to pub favourites, Petanque Boules, Skittles and Giant Playing Cards. For Childrens birthday parties we have Tower Block games, Jenga, Connect 4, Space Hoppers, and Twister. Our Family Adult Games include Chess, Draughts & Croquet Sets all at the lowest prices around.

I walked out of the house this morning to be greeted by torrential rain and gale force winds. Oh how I long for spring to arrive and hopefully, some signs of warmer weather. Last year it seemed that I hardly spent any time in the garden due to the poor weather we experienced. However, I`m highly optimistic that this year will be better and I’II get to use the garden plenty during the spring and summer months. It’s such a shame when the garden isn’t used because we have plenty of Garden Games that we like to enjoy. The kids love it when their friends come around and join in with all the fun activities. Parents that wonder how they can keep their kids amused during the summer break might find the Garden Games to be life savers. Kids will play with them for hours and they are such good fun that adults can’t resist having a go either. Games like giant dominoes or giant snakes and ladders are the types of games that the whole family can enjoy. Instead of staying inside to play boring board games, the fun can be taken outdoors and Garden Games can be used. Wooden garden skittles or lawn darts are easy to set up and they are ideal for dry days outside. I for one can’t wait to get the Garden Games out again as soon as this band of bad weather disappears.
It’s always pleasant when you are in a garden that has a garden pond inside. The mere sound of trickling water can be highly relaxing and it can make a warm summer’s evening delightful as you sit there and listen to the sound of fish splashing around in the pond. Normally people assume that Garden Ponds are created by digging a hole in the ground. In most cases this is true but other types of Garden Ponds exist that don’t require any digging to be involved at all. In fact a garden pool is a variety of one of the Garden Ponds that sits above the ground. The Wooden panels on these types of Garden Ponds simply slot together and they are then screwed into position. Inside the garden fish pond is a durable liner and it’s the perfect place to keep a number of fish. Made from wood, Garden Ponds like these will last for a long time because the wood is treated right from the start. From start to finish the assembly of the Garden Ponds takes on average about 15 minutes. Normal types of Garden Ponds take much longer than that to build and the mess created can be quite vast. In all types of gardens, Garden Ponds can make wonderful features and now that easy assemble ponds are available more and more people can enjoy their beauty.  Fountains can’t fail to impress. The Pebble Fountain makes a great outdoor focal point or why not try an enchanting Wishing Well Fountain? The Flatback Pool and Wishing Well Fountain are great in situations where space is tight. Also see our Pool/Pond Liners and Water Pumps. 
Ideal for those who want easy access to their own Herb Garden, the range begins with Herb Wheel Planters (Small and Medium sizes). The Herb Planters have separate sections to divide the type of herbs grown. For a fantastic centre piece to your garden there are Tree Seat Planters, Wishing Well Planters and Flatback Planters. Flat Back Planters are always useful when space is at a premium. All these raised wooden planters increase accessibility and feature easy slot together assembly. 
pace Hoppers
I’m pretty certain it was in the 1970s that childrens Space Hoppers first appeared. I can distinctly remember having one as a child and I was a child of the 70s. Bright orange was the colour of my spacehopper and it met a grisly end at the hands of a rose bush. I remember how devastated I was when the space hopper died but also how quickly I forgot about it when I got a go kart for my birthday instead. It amazes me that Space Hoppers are still around and the fact that they seem just as popular today as they have always been. Not only can kids still benefit by having the Space Hoppers but there are now versions for adults too. I hadn’t realized this but now I do perhaps it’s time I threw back a few years and had a go on one for old times sake. The familiar bright orange colour is still available and when I look at one it certainly brings back many happy memories. Sets of the Space Hoppers can now be purchased so space hopper races can be organized. It sounds like great fun to me and I’m seriously thinking of buying a set for when the warmer weather arrives. They might have been around since the seventies but Space Hoppers are here to stay and all I can say is, thank goodness for that.   Now a days you can get an whole manor of different versions of the childrens spacehopper including horsey, horse spacehoppers, Lolo ball and animal shaped spacehopper balls including cows, cartoon dogs and a christmas reindeer spacehopper.
wigwam play tent
What a great way to spend a hot sunny day. Play outdoors in the garden inside a tee pee.   The kids love it when their friends come around and join in with all the fun activities. Parents that wonder how they can keep their kids amused during the summer break might find a Childrens Teepee play tent a perfect escape. A play tent also offers protection from the sun and also the wind. Why not try a Teepee tent for on the beach or for a quick and easy sun shelter at a bar-be-que. Don’t forget that in the winter months, the Teepee tents can come inside for a game or cowboys and Indians with a wigwam design tent.  Not to be left out, we now have Girls wigwam tents, in Pink Floral colours and a Fairy, Ballerina Wigwam design.
Croquet is becoming more and more popular these days with many people buying a child’s croquet set at the same time as their own adult version. This means that children are getting familiar with the game and rules from a young age and taking the love of Croquet with them into adult life. Start sets like the 75cm lawn croquet or 96cm croquet set are great to get started. More professional sets include the Longworth Croquet Set.  New for 2014  some sets come with 6 mallets.  Try the 6 player Longworth or the Bex sports 6 Player.
This ever popular game is great for children and adults alike. With stock the large tabletop size straight through to the giant Hasbro connect 4. In this section we have placed together a package with two popular games, giant Jenga and garden connect 4. Can you get 4 in a row with the Big 4 Feber Game?  Play outdoors at your summer bar-be-que or play indoors when the weather is not so kind.  Giant Connect 4 is still one of the most popular games available today.
All children love sand and water. There is nothing more entertaining than building sand castles and filling buckets with sand or water. Ever childrens garden should have a sandpit.  We stock the large 1.8m octagonal sand pit that fits many children and the odd adult.  The Sandpit comes with a pvc cover to keep the animals out and protect the sand from the weather. 
Last year it seemed that I hardly spent any time in the garden. However, I’m highly optimistic that this year will be better and I’ll get to use the garden plenty during the spring and summer months. It’s such a shame when the garden isn’t used because we have plenty of Garden Games that we like to enjoy. My favourite game is Jenga, I have the original for indoor use and play it often so I bought a similar giant tumble tower but I have been forced to take the tower Jenga game indoors and play. Although this has not spoilt the fun of the tower game, it would be even nicer to play out in the open with family and friends. This year I think I will treat myself to a larger wooden adult Jenga game, the tower can builds up to a Giant 5ft before it tumbles. I intend to play the tower gamed this at Christmas and New Year when my brothers come over to visit.
When I was at school, we used to have a chess team. That is where my love of chess began. My Mother bought a giant chess set with giant draughts pieces and my brothers and I would play for hours in the garden. These days the chess sets have got much larger and you can get massive outdoor chess with giant pieces or draught pieces but the fun is still the same. Now I am older, I enjoy playing games with my children. I always pick educational games to play with my boys, as ever good Mum should! We also have many travel games including chess, draughts & dominoes, and these are well used especially on holidays. 
I run a public house and was looking for some giant games for the locals when I came across a great internet shop that sold giant playing cards, A4 size, I believe. Just right for a game of play your cards right, I thought. I carried on looking and found a set even bigger, a massive 37cm. I purchased them straight away and now ever Friday night, we have a curry night with a pint and a game of play your cards right. It went down a treat, so I bought a second set of the giant playing cards and now we play at home as well.  Boules and Petanque are also great for Pub Nights. French Boules come in a canvas bag or we have Petanque in a metal case. If you’re holding a Pub Games event or Fete then why not have a look at the Wooden skittles, Hoopla, Ring Toss, Wooden Quoits Set or 2 in 1 Garden Games - Snakes, Ladders and Tangled.
Children these days spend far too much time in front of the TV, so lets encourage them to play outdoors and what better way than a garden climbing frame. You never grow too old for Tree Swings and Slides. If you haven’t the room for a full climbing frame, you can compromise with accessories like ropes, ladders, foot climbing wall holds or a telescope. Do you have a garden tree? You can add a tree swing or a knotted rope or rope ladder. Why not attach a periscope or an outdoor telephone high up into the tree for imaginary play.
Hammocks and Hanging Chairs are becoming very popular in the modern world. With Outdoor waterproof hammocks now available, what better way to relax and wind away the hours in comfort. Hammocks come in many sizes, single, double and family, so no one is left out and not all Hammocks need a frame or stand. If you have a garden tree or two, these will do nicely. If not don’t worry, we have hooks and stands that suit all. Why not look out for our special packages with a hammock and stand combined for extra savings.
parties and events
To make your event or party we have a fantastic selection of Games & Toys. Our more lively party games include, Junior dominoes, Large dominos, Giant snakes and ladders and a 3m Play Parachute. For the Children’s School Sports Days we have several traditional sets of Sack Race, a Sports Day Set with Sack Race, and egg, spoons, 3 legged race or let the adults join in with, Adult Sack Race, or Sports Day Racing Games. Sack Race, egg, spoons,